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API: Methandienone 10mg
Content: 30 Tablets / Strip


Methandienone, commonly recognized under its brand name Dianabol, stands as an oral anabolic steroid derived from testosterone. Esteemed within the bodybuilding and athletic communities, Dianabol boasts potent anabolic properties, rendering it one of the most prevalent and sought-after steroids.


Dianabol is employed for two primary purposes:

Muscle Growth and Strength: Dianabol orchestrates remarkable muscle growth and strength amplification. It orchestrates this effect by augmenting protein synthesis, retaining nitrogen, and accelerating glycogenolysis, thereby fostering increased muscle mass and bolstered power output. Frequently integrated into bulking cycles, it serves to expedite muscle growth and augment progress.

Performance Enhancement: Embraced by athletes and bodybuilders alike, Dianabol serves to elevate athletic performance and refine physical appearance. It furnishes users with heightened energy levels, stamina, and motivation, enabling them to endure rigorous training sessions and surpass performance plateaus. Particularly esteemed among strength athletes and powerlifters, Dianabol swiftly escalates strength levels.


The dosage of Dianabol hinges on individual factors including experience level, objectives, and tolerance. Recommended dosages typically span from 20-50mg per day for men, albeit some users may opt for higher doses. Women are urged to exercise caution when using Dianabol, owing to the potential risk of virilization and masculinizing side effects.

Beginner Dosage: Novices may commence with a modest dosage, ranging from 20-30mg per day, subsequently escalating it as necessitated. It is imperative to initiate with a conservative dosage to gauge individual response and tolerance levels.

Intermediate Dosage: Intermediate users may administer doses ranging from 30-40mg per day, fractionating the dosage into multiple intervals throughout the day to uphold stable blood concentrations. This dosage spectrum is conducive to most users aiming to attain substantial muscle growth and strength augmentation.

Advanced Dosage: Seasoned users may opt for higher dosages, ascending to 50mg per day or beyond, albeit such doses are associated with heightened risks of adverse effects and should be approached judiciously. Advanced users should also contemplate integrating additional supplements or medications to mitigate potential side effects and safeguard overall well-being.

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