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API: Turinabol
Content: 30 Tablets / Strip


Turinabol 10 embodies the pinnacle of performance enhancement, harnessing the power of Turinabol to elevate athletic performance and physique aesthetics. Each tablet encapsulates the potent benefits of Turinabol, meticulously formulated to deliver optimal results and unparalleled efficacy. Renowned for its anabolic properties and safety profile, Turinoid stands as a cornerstone in the realm of sports supplementation. 


Turinabol 10, fortified with Turinabol, offers a spectrum of benefits tailored to athletes and fitness enthusiasts: 

Lean Muscle Growth: Turinabol facilitates the development of lean muscle mass, promoting a sculpted and defined physique. Its anabolic properties stimulate protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, fostering substantial muscle gains without the accompanying water retention often associated with other compounds.

Enhanced Endurance: Elevate your endurance levels and performance capacity with Turinoid. Turinabol's unique ability to increase red blood cell production enhances oxygen delivery to muscles, delaying fatigue and allowing for prolonged, high-intensity training sessions.

Strength Enhancement: Experience remarkable strength gains and performance improvements with Turinabol. Turinabol's anabolic effects translate into significant increases in strength and power, enabling you to surpass previous limitations and excel in your training endeavors.


Each strip of Turinabol 10 contains 30 tablets, precisely dosed to optimize results: 

Recommended Dosage:

Initiate Turinoid therapy with a dosage ranging from 20-50mg per day, depending on individual goals and tolerance levels. However, adherence to recommended dosages and cautious titration are essential to mitigate potential risks and ensure safety. 

Cycle Duration:

Turinabol cycles typically span 6-8 weeks, with longer durations possible under medical supervision and based on individual response. 

Stacking Options:

Turinabol synergizes effectively with various other compounds to amplify results. Popular stacking options include testosterone for bulking cycles and compounds like Anavar or Winstrol for cutting cycles.

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